The meals at Treasure Island are seasonally rotating menus. Our meals are appetising and are full of a variety for nutritional needs.

A menu is displayed in the foyer and is seasonal to the produce. Treasure Island complies with the Start Right-Eat Right award scheme, ensuring that children are provided with at least 50% of the recommended Daily Diet as outlined by the Department of Health, Western Australia.

The Centre employs an experienced cook who is responsible for preparing Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea for the children. Breakfast is provided and served up until 7.00am in the morning. Meals at Treasure Island are diverse and we encourage children to participate in the growing of some of the food we eat. We have three seasonal veggie gardens that the children and staff maintain alongside Carla from Gaias Organic Gardens .

Treasure Island nurtures children’s natural connection to mother earth and the world around them.

  • Gardening benefits children’s health and wellbeing, and builds strong connections to nature and the environment. We provide for these benefits by creating our own mulch, pulling weeds, planting seeds and experiencing the reward and pride of growing our herbs and vegetables.

  • Children participate in the cycle of the gardens by planting seasonal produce from seeds to seedlings. At harvest time the children get to see the reward of their work. They will either be given to the cook to use for meals, or the children will enjoy dicing and slicing and creating their own meals! From earth, to table, to tummy.

  • Treasure Island also has a sensory garden where children learn to plant, grow and nurture. They learn about what we touch, what we smell, and what we eat.

  • Treasure Island promotes awareness of the animals around us. Children take care of the bees in our garden through companion planting, and planting plants that support our eco system.